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We provide a wide range of services, not all services are listed on the website, so please contact our specialists.


The most inexpensive type of single-site site. Suitable if you need to run a simple site in a very short time.

SITE «he business card»

The business card site is a small site containing basic information about the company. goods or services, contact details


The website is a ready-made solution - it's a full-featured website, with an unlimited number of pages, allowing you to create dynamic partitions and advanced functionality.


An online store is a resource that will allow you to maximally conveniently and profitably present information about your products or services


We provide services for the restoration of sites after hacking, also help in the security of your online projects on the network


We translate Internet projects into more than 30 languages. Our specialists are native speakers.

Stages of work

Our work consists of 3 stages, the first is to choose a web studio in the right language for you and located in the country where you want to promote your project. The second stage is a link with our specialists and a discussion of your order. The third stage is the achievement of all the objectives of the project.

Select Language and Country

Choose a web-studio suitable for your project by language and country


Contact us through contacts with our specialists and arrange the services you need


Achieve maximum results for your orders!

Our Web Studios

List of our web studios around the world



  • WhatsApp: 8(999)555-33-01
  • China

  • WeChat: webspp
  • Kazakhstan

  • WhatsApp: 8(999)555-33-01
  • Belarus

  • WhatsApp: 8(999)555-33-01
  • Other countries

  • WhatsApp: 8(999)555-33-01
  • Our advantages

    We develop Internet projects of any complexity and we find an approach with each client

    Development of mobile applications

    We write applications for all modern types of devices, applications on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. In addition to writing, we test our applications and help the client put them on the Apple Store and Google Play Market.

    Internet advertising

    We deal with contextual advertising and SEO optimization. Contextual advertising - we are Google Partner, and experts in search advertising Adwords. Promotion of a site is not only the purchase of links, or the appointment of a sum per click / conversion. This is the compilation of the semantic core, writing texts, articles, internal and external optimization, the strategy of assigning rates and working with extensions. We are experts in the field of website promotion in Almaty and are ready to provide the highest quality services.


    Grigory Silkov

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Robert Galkov

    Co-Founder and CTO

    Zarina Kunaeva

    Lead Developer, Hacker

    Andrei Sobolev

    3D Designer & Prototyper


    History of our company 1CENTER.NET

    January 17, 2018

    Creation of Web-studio in Belarus

    26 February 2017

    Creation of Web-studio in Kazakhstan

    08 August 2015

    Creating a Web Studio in China

    02 Mar 2010

    Creating a Web Studio in Spain

    16 Jul 2009

    Creating a Web Studio in Russia 1510.RU

    January 04, 2001

    Creating a Project 1CENTER.NET



    To contact our specialists, please use the contact form or contact information

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